Snaptube uses and Advantages while you are offline

What is Snaptube?

Snaptube is the Android application which helps you download videos from YouTube in MP3 format on your Android device. It also allows you to download in MP4 format. However, all videos from YouTube cannot be downloaded and it depends on the channel. But if you are looking for an app to download music and some other videos from YouTube then this is your app.

Is Snaptube illegal to use?

Not at all. Snaptube just allows you to download videos if the channel permits so. This is absolutely legal. But if you misuse the video or post it without the channel’s permission that is illegal. However, just downloading it for watching is not illegal. Thus the application in itself is not illegal and you should not use it for any illegal work.

Is Snaptube safe to use?

Snaptube is safe in the sense that it will not harm your device anyways by means of any virus or other software malware. It is available on Google play in Android devices and thus you can trust on the application. Make sure you download the Snaptube apk file from your official app store to avoid any viruses. Some users download the Snaptube app from various websites and end up having a virus or other malware in the system. this is not the fault of the app. It is available on Google store officially so you should not download it from untrusted sites on the web.

Is Snaptube free?

Yes, the app is freely available on Google store and you can enjoy your favourite YouTube videos offline for free if you have this app. So why go for paid applications when this app is available for free on your official app store.

Is Snaptube available for iPhone?

Yes, besides android, snaptube is also available on iPhone. You can download snaptube from Apple store, where it is available for free. So, unlike many other apps on the Apple store Snaptube is available for free.

What quality of videos can be downloaded via Snaptube?

The quality of videos you can download via Snaptube ranges from! 44p to 1600p so download the quality you desire. The app does not compromise with the quality of the videos. Thus despite being available for free the app does not compromise with video or audio qualities.

Is Snaptube recommended for use?

Since the app has several unique features which are quite useful for our daily lives thus Snaptube is highly recommended to several users. Most importantly the app is free to download and youcan enjoy several favourite YouTube videos now on the offline mode as well. So, if you are travelling and is not quite sure about the availability of network on your way just download your favourite movie on YouTube from this app and you can enjoy your journey. The app is trusted and is highly recommended if you want to enjoy your favourite music and videos on offline mode.

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