7 Things You Must Consider Before Buying a Smartphone in 2019

It has been economical yet technology-driven year for smartphones this year and now there is a huge domain of the evolving brands are reaching out to the customers. With high-end brands, some emerging smartphone brands are providing premium features in the budget constraints. With rise in alternatives, customers are required to be more smart and selective towards their smartphone choices. Here are these 7 things which you must consider before purchasing a smartphone in this upcoming year.

  1. Budget

Budget is the foremost thing you need to consider before purchasing a smartphone as this will restrain you to choose or shortlist phones under a certain price range. Budget also allows you to select the best smartphone available to buy in your range. It is the primary thing you should start before the conquest for the perfect buy. There is huge range you can vouch for in the budget is only something you can do with online stores like Affordable mobiles. Make sure you buy the best in your budget.

  1. Camera

In this age of DSLRs where every next person beside you might have DSLR or some fancy camera, smartphones has really up their game with embedded cameras.  Now smartphone companies are also giving preference to cameras due to its demand. It also has increased due to social media and ability to have exposure with camera. Before choosing a smartphone, you need to specifically check the specifications of the camera, the resolution, features and other configurations as well. New advancements has been made like 4K recording, Selfie mode, 360 degree camera, HDR, slow-mo, time-lapse, VR stickers and what not.

  1. Memory

There are two kind of Memory, one is RAM (Read Access Memory) and other is ROM (Read Only Memory). RAM along with processor of the mobile phone tells about the speed and efficiency of your smartphone where ROM is your storage. The capacity of ROM should be increased along with RAM. You must look for the smartphones with RAM above 4GB at minimum.

  1. Display

Another important aspect of a smartphone is the Display which is a physical attribute. And ideal option for a smartphone would be 5.5 inches to 6 inches.  There are different type of smartphone screens are available defining various quality as well. Various new smartphone brands are offering new technology in display, sometime with reasonable price. You must have heard display types like LCLD, OLED, IPS, AMOLED, Super AMOLED display and few more as well.

  1. Processor

Processor is another factor which is quite overlooked with comparing smartphones , different names has been given like quadcore, Snapdragon, Octacore, MediaTrek and many more. The simple way to choose is look for the specification term in Gigahertz (GHz). More numbers mean more speed and that faster processor. You need to ask yourself how much you will chase that specification and how much fast you exactly need. If you are preference is to play games, processor should be your complete priority along with display.



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