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The Many Talents of a Family Lawyer

There are, of course, many fields of law; criminal, corporate, administrative, to mention but a few, and perhaps the most common of all is family law. There are many aspects of family law, which include all of the following:

  1. Divorce & Separation – When a couple finally decide it is time to end the relationship, there are joint assets to consider, and usually, a family lawyer is needed by both parties to ensure fair division of joint assets. If you are soon to be going through a divorce, there is affordable family law in Sutton from an established practice that has very experienced family solicitors.
  2. Child Custody & Visitation Rights – When a marriage breaks down and there are children involved, both parties need to decide who has custody and how both parents can have adequate time with their children. It is rare that this can be agreed upon without some form of conflict, which is where a family lawyer comes into play.
  3. Will Disputes – When a family member dies, there are sometimes conflicts between family members over the division of the deceased person’s estate. If a person feels they have not been treated fairly, they can contest the will, which would require the services of an experienced family lawyer.
  4. Setting up Trusts – If a person wishes to protect their wealth for their children, they can set up a family trust, and this can significant advantages regarding taxation.

There are other areas that a family lawyer specialises in, but the above are the main fields that a family lawyer would focus on, and should you ever require their services, an online search will help to locate a nearby practice.

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