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Had I wrote this after the Arizona preseason game, it’d had been very easy for me to select the Packers on this recreation.  The Packers appeared like invincible international beaters.  My how things alternate so quickly.  It is now the Vikings that seem like the crew to overcome in the NFC whilst the Packers are a couple of tackles short of being that crew.

One of the most essential factors to awareness on this game is the Packers run protection.  It has no longer been proper this yr., especially inside the ultimate weeks.  Stephen Jackson was able to start every unmarried St. Louis pressure with a decent run and ended up with over one hundred yards on the day.  It did not really rely because the rest of the Rams team is so pathetic, but it nonetheless exposes the run defense as a weak spot.  And I will no longer even get into how badly Cedric Benson tore us up the week before to know more about how to make predictions you must visit 토토.

Part of that is the new protection.  The Packers have succeeded in the use of the new scheme to put numerous stress on opposing group’s quarterbacks.  However, we’ve got not completely found out the run but.  The largest troubles have come when the opposing teams just line up and slam that jogging lower back up the middle.  There appears to be lots of jogging room after they wreck through the preliminary line.  BJ Raja has to have an effect both.  I search for our proficient rookie to start making extra performs as soon as he can in reality determine out what the heck he is meant to be doing accessible.  He seems a little misplaced right now. The Packers incapability to stop the run massive thinking about the Vikings ability to run the ball with authority.  Adrien Peterson should have a monster day.  That may want to simply be the kiss of loss of life in that recreation.  Then play movement for Favre will work well and it may get ugly.  If they run the rating up early, the Packers might be compelled to pass and the quality d-line in the league can just tee off on Rodgers.  I do not even need to consider it.

Also, I do not suppose the Packers have a prayer and blocking off the Vikings defensive linemen.  The Vices have to be able to get steady strain on Rodgers while only dashing four.  Which method the relaxation can drop into coverage and shut us down.  The Vikings have tremendous linemen on each facets of the ball.  Which means that it does now not without a doubt depend that they’ve receivers that need to be within the arena league.

What is my actual prediction for the sport?  I predict that the Vikings will quite a lot ruin Rodgers and the Packers and end up winning through the score: Vikings 38 Packers 20.  And the Packers will simplest rating 20 with more than one second half of rubbish TDs.  For the motives said above, I just do no longer see how the Packers ought to win that game.  Especially on the grounds that Rodgers want to grasp directly to the ball see you later.  I am just praying that Rodgers can live on the game.  Or else it’s far going to be an absolutely lengthy season.

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