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7 Strategies for Successful Party Planning

Most parents just wing it when it comes to their kid’s parties and take the “trial-by-error” approach. Unfortunately, that way leads to needless mistakes, yawns, and tears.

Now there’s no excuse. You’re about to discover 7 simple and time-tested strategies that will transform your child’s special day from “mediocre” to “Woah – are you sure you’re not a professional party planner?”

Kid’s party experts swear by these strategies, and when you use them, we know you will, too!

1. Anticipate. If you prepare for potential problems now, then you’ll be able to have fun later. Worried about late arrivals? Fill the first 15-30 minutes with activities that anybody can join in at any time. Food allergies making you nervous? Leave a space on the invitation for parents to write them down. Concerned about kids misbehaving? Book a professional children’s entertainer that will keep them engaged. If you anticipate what could go wrong, then the rest will be easy.

2. Enumerate the supplies you’ll need, the names of guests, and tasks that need to be done. The lists you make will help you stay organized, on a budget, and on task.

3. Delegate. In what world should the entire responsibility for party planning fall on you? Not this one, honey! Involve your child in the planning. Hire a professional children’s party entertainer. Arrange a catering service. Just don’t put all of the pressure on you.

4. Participate. Take some time to share this moment with your kids. Laugh. Play games. Sit-down and enjoy the Damiens party entertainment. Years later, you’ll be glad you did.

5. Document & Duplicate. If you have both physical and digital copies of video and photographs, then you’ll always be able to remember and share this special occasion.

6. Celebrate. Yes, I said it… I know “it’s a kid’s party,” but the grown-ups can have fun, too! Have some champagne. Mingle. Reward yourself with dessert. These slices of cake don’t count. I promise.

7. Appreciate. Even after the party, you can keep the positive vibes flowing by sending a handwritten note to your friends and family. Get your child to help and even more fun, laughter and good times will come your way!

If you’ve read this entire article, then you’re equipped with the 7 time-tested and proven strategies you’ll need to make your child’s party the best one yet. Try them all out and let me know what you think. I’m confident that you’ll love the results – and your kids will, too!

You might not need to give out printed invitations. This can be dependent on the type of party that you are throwing. Your guests might need these printed invitations in order to remind them of the date of your event.

Prepare the menu. Know what type of food you want to serve. Take note that this will require you to take into account the preferences of the people who were invited to your party. If you are throwing a sit-down party, you might need to set a complete meal. Cocktail parties can be thrown with foods that your guests can eat on the go.

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