Neuroscience Technology Capable of Tracking Human Mind to Prevent Brain Injury

It is difficult to monitor the developing pace of technology in different sectors as it is tough to predict the future of technology. By monitoring the past innovation it is possible to understand the basic and monitor the changes in technology. A huge potential is being observed in sectors like biotechnology, nanotechnology etc. The new technology has also intruded in our body long ago and now it is capable to understand what’s in our mind.

The scientific development has enabled to monitor the human brain cell activities to track the elements in our brain. It helps to understand the countless visual tricks of human brain for any sort of activities. With the help of scanning processes researches have conducted experiments amongst few participants to understand the functioning of neurons in the brain. This experiment has influenced the scientist to come up with the new brain machine interface which helps them to understand the thinking process of a human being.
There are two experimental brain machine technologies which are as follows

Types of Brain Machine Technology
1. Physical Therapy coupled with deep brain stimulation and
2. Though Controlled Computer System

The aim off brain -machine technology resource is to translate the functions of our brain by analyzing its packaging and develop devices that will prevent it from any sort of damage and retain its normal functioning even with growing age. This will also help to regain the normal functioning of the brain even after any sort of injury or brain disease such as memory loss, stroke etc.

Future prospective of Brain Machine Technology

1. It will help to provide real time feedback of different activities of the brain with the developing process
2. It will come up with more therapeutic options for brain injuries
3. It will help in easy recovery from strokes and stimulate the brain to restore physical activity to overcome paralysis
4. It will also become capable to overcome disabilities from communication limitations
5. It will help to maintain normal vision with simple technological devices so that the brain receives the signals from the eye easily.

With the advancing neuroscience technology it will soon become possible to enrich the excellence of an individual with better brain performance.Thorough understanding of the brain and its different elements will assist scientist to invent better therapies, technology and medical treatments for better brain recovery and operation.

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