Lipozene is a Safe Diet Pill or is it Dangerous

Recently, Lipozene has been getting a lot of attention after claims that the supplement can boost weight loss and curb appetite without any serous lifestyle changes such as exercise or diet. But does it really work? is it safe? Read on to find out. 

What is Lipozene?

Lipozene is a product marketed as a food supplement that helps reduce fat and general body weight. Its major active ingredient is glucomannan, a complex carbohydrate that has been isolated from roots of the konjac plant. The ingredient, glucomannan, supposedly raises the feeling of fullness and can help fight diabetes and obesity. These features of glucomannan are what propelled Lipozene to the limelight as a dependable weight loss supplement. 

Lipozene Components

As mentioned earlier, the main ingredient in Lipozene is glucomannan, which is a fermentable, soluble and highly viscous dietary fiber that can contain and absorb up to 50 times its weight in water. In humans, both insoluble and soluble fibre cannot be digested. 

How it Works

Given that glucomannan cannot be digested, it makes you feel full despite taking in only a few calories. Glucomannan also promotes fullness by creating a thick gel and occupy space in the stomach as well as prolonging the time food takes to pass through the stomach and intestines. 

Does Lipozene Really Work?

Whether it works or not is a question that many people have asked themselves regarding Lipozene. A good number of studies have researched how the main ingredient in Lipozene, glucomannan, helps in weight loss. Individuals have reported small but positive effects of the supplement. In a study that lasted for about five weeks, a total of 176 people were randomly assigned to a diet of 1200 calories plus a fiber supplement containing either a placebo or glucomannan. Those that took the glucomannan supplement lost around 1.8kgs more compared to those that took placebo. In addition, a recent study concluded that glucomannan can help bring down body weight in obese or overweight people within a very short time.

Natural Sources

There are a lot of natural sources of the major Lipozene ingredient such as konjac gum, konjac flour or glucomannan. All of these are available in capsules, granules, drink mixes and tablets. The effectiveness of these components may vary according to the composition of the herbal extract. Additionally, some supplements might contain toxic impurities. The glucomannan supplements are not recommended for breastfeeding or pregnant women. 

Is Lipozene Safe?

The Lipozene capsules are safe to take if you have no underlying health condition. However, below are some of the precautionary measures you need to take about Lipozene.

  • It might be a chocking hazard when not taken with enough water. 
  • May enhance the effects of antidiabetic drugs.
  • Might reduce the uptake of sulfonylurea.

Benefits of Lipozene

Here are the health benefits associated with Lipozene.

  • Weight loss: Studies show that Lipozene can help reduce weight by promoting satisfaction through delayed stomach emptying. 
  • Diabetes: In a study done on 22 diabetes patients, 3.6 g/day glucomannan reduced fasting but not the post meal levels of sugar. 


Lipozene is a good weight loss supplement and can deliver good results. There is more information about Lipozene through The Hub Post and Health Line.

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