Common Doubts In The Mind Of Tubemate Users- Cleared

Are there ways to download online videos or music easily to Android phones? Your answer is Tubemate app. Install this app and find the most convenient way to download videos from any social networking site or online website. The users of this app are continuously increasing in numbers because of the convenience it provides to them. Here we will try to resolve common doubts that consumers have regarding the app.

  • What is Tubemate? Is it complicated to use?

This app is a video downloader which makes your video downloading easier and faster, irrespective of the format or resolution of the video. This is a fabulous app which requires zero understanding. A beginner or novice to apps as well as Android phones can conveniently install and use the application. It is easy to manage as you only need to drag and drop the video or music content.

  • Is it possible to save the videos or watch them offline?

There is often confusion in the minds of the user that once they are offline, the videos cannot be viewed. Saving the downloaded videos is possible both on Android phones and PC. Once saved, they can be viewed even when the person is no more online. Easy steps are as below:

  1. a) Launch the app and tap on the video website in the app
  2. b) Tap download in the app after searching the desired video
  3. c) Select the quality you want and the tapping download will start the process. The file can be saved in the location you decide and can be viewed later
  • What is the Built-in feature in Tubemate app?

While researching about this video downloader you must have encountered a great feature namely Built-in MP3 converter. The function of this feature is the ability to convert music or video content of any format into MP3. So you can enjoy the latest formats and need not to be concerned whether it will be playable in your mobile or PC.

  • Is there need to update the app and how frequently?

It is widely used and a very successful video downloader and one of the best features is that it updates automatically whenever the need arises. Like the latest playlist feature added by the developers automatically gets upgraded. You just need to install the app.

  • What is the auto-resume feature in the app?

As the name itself suggests, Tubemate app has an auto-resume feature which enables the downloading to restart or resume from where it previously ceased. At times a video download is interrupted due to slow internet connectivity or bad connection or any technical issue; in other apps, the user loses the content but with this app the content restarts.

  • What is the latest version of the app?

The third version of the app has been released by the developers. The latest version for Android users is Tubemate 3.2.5 and the APK file to be downloaded is easily accessible on the internet. Install and start enjoying your favourite videos.

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