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Pay and Plan Your Way

No one really wants to think about their funeral, but if you don’t, this means that you’ll be leaving it to the people you love the most. Not only is that added stress during an already busy and painful time, but it’s also an additional expense. Plus, there’s no guarantee that their wishes for you will match your own wishes.

Benefits of Pre-Planned Funerals

Making pre-planned and pre-paid funeral plans in Brixham or nearby means that you are in full control of your last hurrah, and that your friends and family will be able to focus on supporting each other in their time of loss. It’s one of the most thoughtful things that you can do for them. Read on to learn more about some options that you have available.

What Kind of Funeral Do You Want?

Some of your funeral options include:

  • Traditional Funeral:A traditional funeral usually includes bringing the body to the funeral home, hosting a viewing, supplying a casket and hearse, and conducting a service. A funeral director will provide support, advice, and direction as needed.
  • Green Burial:A green burial includes bringing the body to the funeral home, hosting a viewing, providing support and advice, helping with required documentation, and planting a commemorative tree from the Woodland Trust.
  • Direct Cremation:This is a simple alternative with no formal service. The funeral package includes transport to the funeral home, a basic cremation coffin, and guidance on required documentation.
  • Bespoke Plan:A fully bespoke plan allows you to choose and customise all details exactly as you want them. This includes the coffin, the music, the funeral service, the limousines, and other details such as catering, flowers, and obituary notices.

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