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PAST LIFE REGRESSION – Removing Lifestyle Blockages

Traditional Hypnotherapy is a great tool for alleviating blockages to Lifestyle success. It provides the inspiration and guidance through self hypnosis to achieve the tasks that need to be completed in order to move forward in life – without hindrances. Put another way – it provides a means of removing the proverbial monkey from your back!

Hypnotherapy’s success depends heavily on the client’s motivation. The formula is simple: 100% motivation equals 100% success. Conversely, 0% motivation equals no success!

Unfortunately, some success blockages may be due to factors that are not immediately obvious to the Hypnotherapist as they do not come to light during a session. One such factor is the client’s belief in Reincarnation and an even deeper belief in having lived past lives.

Here are a couple of examples:

Client 1 has had several Hypnotherapy Sessions to aid in his goal of reducing Alcohol consumption. Client 1 is motivated yet can not fully able to drop the habit. A Past Life Regression Session discovers that the client lived a past life as a Confederate Soldier who was badly wounded during battle. To aid him in his final hours his friends gave him substantial amounts of whiskey to dull the pain. He enjoyed the whiskey, and relied on it to help him as he crossed over. Knowing the reason behind his desire to drink – Client 1 can now move on with his recovery.

Client 2 has had a couple of Hypnotherapy Sessions to try and put a stop to her fear of wearing Scarves and Turtle neck Sweaters. A Past Life Regression Session discovers that she was Hung from a tree in a previous life. Anything that was placed around her neck subconsciously reminded her of her previous demise. Knowing the reason behind her paranoia – Client 2 was also able to move on with her recovery.

As can be seen from these simple examples – Past Life Regression can help get to the root of a cause and allow the client to disassociate with the effect (root/cause analysis). The present (the here and now) should not be affected by the past, particularly when there is no binding value from the previous event. The past is there to be learned from, and that is its only value!

It was Buddha who said, “What you are is what you have been, and what you will be is what you do now.” Consider trying a Past Life Regression today. It may just be the X factor that you have been looking for.

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