Make Music Your Muse – Melodic Tones or Hypnotic Harps – Reap Healing-Listen to Music Daily

Did you know that when you please any one of your senses you can actually stimulate the release of internal-natural feel-good chemicals in your brain? I am not a neuro scientist though, I can tell you that as humans, we ALL have human chemical reactions that are responsible for releasing serotonin, that can make you happy, relaxed or even put you to sleep? Music is a great muse, seek music to enhance your mood or to get your mind ready to work, exercise or to pray, praise or for worship of our Heavenly Father. ~

Music, when played around bedtime, can relax the mind, calm the senses and give you a better night sleep. You choose whether you prefer instrumental music, soft, soothing words or even the music of oceans waves sounds like pleasing music to the senses. Reap healing or at least alter a mood by listening to various different sounds and musicians or different genres of music on a daily basis. Music can actually command a tone, mindset or even stimulate movement or provide preparation for an audience that gathers together to listen to a common event of praise and worship. Whether you prefer to unplug, decompress or plan to meditate and worship music is the great medium to get your mindset and focus ready to engage what the music, musician or the art does to elevate or change a mood into something that you want to experience, almost as if done on command. How grand it is to invite a mood of gratitude by listening to inviting music that invites a nice artist or nice song into your car, home or office? I’ll answer my own question: Mind-boggling to find music that motivates or moves you into action- whatever kind of action- made in good, positive or constructive measure -whatever that action may be!

Perhaps you have a favorite artist or a favorite genre that represents the form of entertainment your ears prefer to hear. Melodies, harmonies, a creative singer that sings, on-key, it makes no difference to you or to me. As long as it moves your soul to a comfortable zone or mindset music is liberating and entertaining- to say the least. Decide that you will be more intent on exploring new or different ways of enhancing your mindset to achieve more of what you want to get from your life experience.

A gentle, healing, relaxing and soothing waterfall can sound really liberating when you are full of stress and pent-up energy. Keep soft nature sounds on your music list that is readily accessible to you by the stroke of your own fingertip. You’ll be glad that you did when the music begins to play and your anxiety starts to melt away…

Who remembers the commercial for Calgon? Remember the words, “Calgon- take me away?” I think the product was a bath oil or bubble bath advertisement, Though if I can still remember the signature words, that means that the commercial did its job and had an impact on my senses by providing natural music for mind association for connecting me to a relaxed atmosphere.

**Music changes the atmosphere on so many levels. If you can to dance, you know the drill, music with drums and really cool beats. If your desire is to lull to sleep, then soft piano sounds or a mellow bit is best. Music for all occasions is more that just an observation, it really works!

*Mastermind your mood by playing music to soothe, encourage, or to help your mind go to another place and time. I will gladly join you, though I love so many different genres that I can’t be able to tell you what my favorite song or favorite music really is..

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