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Low Cost Upgrades Your Family Will Love

There is something about a home upgrade discussion that makes homeowners so excited. Perhaps it is the home makeover shows that run every hour of every day showing average looking homes get transformed into show palaces in a mere 30 minutes. One can hardly see these transformations and not get excited about the prospect of one’s own home no matter what condition it is in. Or perhaps it is just a general trend. People value their homes more these days. They spend so much more time at work and when they are at home, they want to be able to achieve the highest levels of relaxation and comfort, and of course they want their home to be beautiful too.     

The idea of a home upgrade is always wonderful, but the challenges occur when you talk about available budget. The cost of the average home upgrade can be very expensive, certainly past the available budget of a homeowner. This can be quite depressing for a homeowner until they realize that smaller and less expensive makeovers can have a great impact on the look and functionality of a home.  Here are a few home upgrades that are great and that your any family would love.

New Bathroom Fixtures

Since the bathroom is the most used room in the house, it makes the right place to start for a low budget upgrade. You can change the entire look and feel of your bathroom by simply changing the bathroom fixtures. Perhaps they are currently stainless steel with a modern look.

You can try a brushed silver or brass look that will give a more retro elegant feel. Sustain the look on the faucet and handles, towel rack and rings and even any shelving you have in your bathroom. You should also consider the bathroom mirror. You can choose a matching look with your bathroom mirrors to add some extra light in the room. Finally consider new paint or even wall coverings to totally create a new look.   


The kitchen has become a hangout place for the family and even guests today. Although the most popular kitchen upgrades include changing appliances and flooring, you can make a similar impact by changing cabinet doors and handles. Home improvement stores today have a selection of dozens of different cabinet doors and handles that are low cost and easy to install. In fact, the average homeowner can make this change in a few hours as a DIY project.

Also consider changing your kitchen faucet with a designer one that looks great and has better water flow. These can also be located at your local home improvement stores.  Finally, consider replacing any kitchen knick knacks with new ones in a different style. If you currently have a country theme, try a modern look or even go urban. Your family will think that they have a new kitchen.

Set a realistic budget for your upgrades and shop online for your new additions.

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