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Creating a Positive Link Between Your Work Life and Personal Life

Have you ever thought about your work life and personal life? How do you treat the two? Are they separate issues or do they somehow connect with each other?

Creating a balance between your work life and personal life involves looking at the two and finding connections between them. Work is work, and being devoted and professional at work are some of the qualities to be proud of. At home you have your life, your family that you are devoted to and your personal past times that you enjoy.

What are the things that you do at work to make it successful and enjoyable? One of the first things you have to do is love what you do and enjoy the different challenges that your work has to offer. If you don’t enjoy what you do, then you have to look for ways that your job can be more rewarding for you. This may mean looking at moving up the ladder or looking for a job elsewhere. By setting your ambitions higher and looking for different ways to take you to where you want to be, you also need to look around at the people you work with. You don’t have to know their personal secrets, but you can still maintain a professional relationship by being friendly towards your colleagues and noticing what it is they do as part of their work.

You spend the majority of your week, between thirty to forty hours at work, so it is important to know who you are working with. Trying to remember their names is a good start, but also knowing a little more about who they are and what their background is in order to appreciate the value of their contribution at work. Treat them as individuals. It doesn’t take long to thank them for their work and to respect both your seniors and your juniors, for they both form a vital part to your working environment. Successful working relationships are similar to successful personal relationships in the sense that the more human you are, the more likely it is for your work colleges to respond to you and for you to earn their respect.

Everyone is under the impression that they are doing the best they can at their perspective jobs, so when something goes wrong it is easy to find fault with someone else’s work. Finding fault is not in itself going to rectify the situation; what will change the situation is understanding where that person is coming from and finding solutions together that would make their work more profitable. When your colleges feel that you are appreciative of their hard work and are looking for ways to improve work productivity by dealing with different issues using a wide range of interpersonal skills, they will in time come to trust you. You may still have your faults, but they would appreciate that you are a human being doing the best you can. Just like them.

Having the ability to relate to the people that you work with creates a common sense that you are all on the same side. You may all have different roles and some may either be senior or junior to you in either their age or work position. The common thing you share should not just be the company that you work for, but the knowledge that you are working with valuable and capable people, just like yourself. By being able to trust that your work colleges have the ability to perform just as well as you and maybe in some areas have more knowledge than yourself, gives you the insight into your own abilities and limitations. In order to create a successful work life you have to know when to pass things onto other people and when to ask for help. Recognising your own strengths and limitations, gives you the opportunity to look past your surroundings and towards others who may be able to do certain things that you can’t. By being more aware of the different roles people have at work, also reminds you that you have a personal life outside of work.

If you are this dedicated to work, how dedicated are you to your personal life? It is a common misconception that work life and personal life should be kept separate. It is a misconception, because in reality compartmentalising your life is a near impossible task, as you take your same self to work and to your personal relationships. So the answer is not to separate yourself in to separate entities, but to be more aware of the common traits that you share at work and at home. I.e. what responsibilities do you have at work that you have at home? What attitude do you carry around with you? You may find that in some instances you fare better in one situation than you would do in another. Being able to understand your strengths in your personal life will help you to develop more as a person at work and being able to connect what you do at work with your personal life will make you more appreciative of the things you do at work.

It is after all you who decided to be in the job that you are in as well as the life style that you are living. Whether you realise this or not, on some level you made a decision to be where you are right now in your life. Taking stoke of where you are right now in your work and in your personal life makes you more aware of the options that you have available to you. It is all too easy to get bogged down in your day to day living and to see each different aspect of your life as a separate entity. By taking a step back from the situation and viewing your life as a whole rather than as individual incidents, gives you a clearer sense of what you value in your life and what you would like for the future.

Hiring a career coach and talking to someone who is outside of what you are experiencing allows you to rise above the everyday hustle and bustle of life and see the solutions that may lie around your everyday issues, separating the woods from the trees.

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