A Guide to Setting Up a Fish & Chip Shop

Perhaps the most famous of all British dishes, traditional fish & chips is still a very firm favourite around the country, and if you are thinking of starting a fish & chip takeaway, there is much to consider. Obviously, location is everything, and you should spend as much time as it takes to find a suitable location for the shop.

Fitting Out the Shop

Luckily, there are reliable fish and chip gas range services in Normanton, and they stock the best brands to ensure that your menu is always delicious. You need to decide on whether your shop will cater for customers who wish to eat onsite or if it is solely a takeaway venue, and the latter is much easier in terms of local authority requirements. Your frying equipment is a vital requirement that you cannot afford to take any chances with, so only use the best brands.


Those who live within the community will need to know about your shop, and there are several ways to announce your opening. Using avenues such as:

  • Social Media
  • Create your Own Company Website
  • Posters around the area
  • Local radio stations and newspapers

If you get your marketing right, you can expect quite a turn out in the first couple of weeks, which is due to local curiosity, but the real test is the 4 weeks following the launch.

Your Product

At the end of the day, it is all about your menu, and with the best frying range, you can fine tune your food to be crispy and golden brown, which will ensure that your shop is always busy.











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