5 Stupid Mistakes to Avoid at the Gym

The essence of going to the gym is to achieve some health and fitness goals. Unless you have a private gym in your home, gyms are shared or public facilities, which implies some unwritten rules that guide the gym-goers for harmonious interactions. Also, you will further be able to achieve your goals if you adhere to these rules.

So, what are some of the stupid mistakes you should avoid at the gym?

  1.      Wasting time waiting for equipment

During the peak hours, long queues will form in various gym sections as people wait for equipment. To avoid having to wait in line, you can arrange your schedule to get to the gym when there are fewer people, for instance early in the morning or late in the evening, like after 7 pm. At these times, the pre-workout and post-workout groups will have dwindled. The second option is to always have an alternative option in the back of your mind if you find that your favorite equipment is taken. For example, if someone is at the squat rack, go for dumbbell goblet squats instead of back squats. They will be just as challenging, and will also work out your core. This way, you will have saved your precious time instead of waiting for the equipment to be free. Always have a Plan B.

  1.      Failing to plan your routine in advance

It is a waste of time to go to the fitness center without a plan of the activities that you want to do; it is akin to going to the grocery store without a shopping list. You will be going back and forth and taking more than a reasonable amount of time. You should have your plan well thought out; with the exercises, sets, reps, and the order in which they will follow each other, you will have a well defined route in the weight room. If you are working out with a buddy, agree in advance what you will do and in what order so that once you are at the gym, you will not waste time discussing what to do next. Of course, a buddy is a great motivator and can enable you to achieve your goals as well as keep you accountable. You can also consider some awesome steroids from to supplement your workouts to enable you to achieve your goals faster and to give you greater overall wellbeing.

  1.      Skipping the warm-up

In a bid to save time, you may think of skipping your warm-up exercises, as you could be in a hurry or trying to avoid peak-hour crowds at the gym. Well, you may save time, but you could end up sustaining injuries if you head straight to the main workout routine. Injuries will make you miss several sessions as you recover and, at worst, be away for so long or never get back to it.

  1.      Repeating the same routine every day

You are not alone in being tempted to do the same thing every day, as most gym-goers easily fall into this. However, as your body gets accustomed to the routine, there is not much growth or stress. As such, you do not reap the maximum benefits of your time at the gym. When you do new exercises from time to time, your body experiences “muscle confusion”; that is, your muscles are not used to a certain routine, resulting in growth.

  1.      Taking too long rests between sets

You should avoid being like those guys who walk around between sets, chit-chat, go to look at themselves in the mirror, or look out through the windows during their rest periods. Doing all these things between sets is a bad habit, as you allow your body to cool more than it should, thus wasting more time. The best thing is to time your rest, resume your sets without resting too long, and get the job done.

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