funeral plans Life Style 

Pay and Plan Your Way

No one really wants to think about their funeral, but if you don’t, this means that you’ll be leaving it to the people you love the most. Not only is that added stress during an already busy and painful time, but it’s also an additional expense. Plus, there’s no guarantee that their wishes for you will match your own wishes. Benefits of Pre-Planned Funerals Making pre-planned and pre-paid funeral plans in Brixham or nearby means that you are in full control of your last hurrah, and that your friends and family…

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Uses for Drones Tech 

7 Commercial Uses for Drones

Drone technology has grown significantly over the past decade. It used to be a technology that only belonged to the military. But now we see it in the hands of civilians and businesses. The capabilities of drones are limitless for our society. Commercial drones look to be the next big trend in technology. Big companies like Amazon are already coming up with ways to incorporate commercial drones into their business practices. Other companies are likely going to follow in their footsteps. What do you think the most significant needs for…

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